• Plain Sterling Silver Rings

Plain Sterling Silver Rings

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These rings are not only beautiful but are very popular. 

Pop open the box and start selling.


All jewelry on this site is sterling silver.  We only sell sterling silver 92.5%.

 Petite rings are light silver rings. 

 Regular are heavier in weight.

You can either choose all or mixed.

The amount you will get will be determined by choice and silver prices. For example petite $100 is about 22 rings. 

Each order will have sizes 6-10. Will be mixed styles. Please message our Facebook business page Kasandra Ivy Jewelry to make special request. Such as you would like a certain style and or sizes. 

*****Photo is provided for reference only*******

All jewelry is selected at random and changes each shipment. You can request a particular ring by sending us a message. We will do our best to accommodate your requests. 

Keep a look 👀 out for other bulk jewelry!


  • $500.00