Gemstone Treat Scoop Ring Fizzers Jan25@8pm PST

Each delicious treat 🍦scoop has a sterling silver ring 

It can get even sweeter...some scoops have hidden extras... you can get store credit, extra rings, free game, high value rings..list goes on.  Each night a run down of what's in that show.

These scoops🍨 are for live show only.

NEXT SHOW 🎉 Jan 25th@8pm PST

At home treats soon to come!

All jewelry is Sterling silver 

Ring value $29.99 & up. Top value ring is upto $500 in value

Some gemstones featured Rainbow moonstone, Amethyst, Opal, Sapphire, tourmaline, many to list all.

Size 6-10

Your ring will not turn you green. All jewelry is sterling silver. 100s of different styles

Scoops are bath fizzes. Not for consumption.

  • $25.99
  • $34.99